Nivki-Hall, Kyiv

Stages of the conference

  1. BA & PO Talks stage — this stage includes speakers' talks on business analysis and requirements management, stakeholder work, team communications from an analyst's perspective. And of course, insights and productive techniques from the best business analytics practitioners.
  2. PM & PdM stage— Talks on this stage are dedicated to project and product management. Team management and interaction with project stakeholders. Let's explore the best approaches and practices from industry leaders.
  3. Architecture stage —this stage is entirely dedicated to product and solution development as well as software architecture. Here, real professionals will talk about modern architectural solutions, their advantages and disadvantages, the scope of particular architectures.
  4. Workshops — Workshops are an integral part of the conference. After all, a thorough understanding of processes and techniques comes with practical application. Therefore, in this stream, under the guidance of true professionals, participants will develop skills that will help them in their daily work.
  5. IT Network Awards — Awarding the best professionals by the best of our community and an expert jury.

IT Network Awards

Business Analyst 2019

The best professional of the year who has proven himself in projects and community activities. Has achieved success in business analytics. Selected by an expert jury from the submitted questionnaires.

Speaker of the year

The speaker's main assessment is the listeners' love. This award is given to those who have impressed the IT Network community with their talks and earned the highest praise from the audience. Selected by voting results at monthly IT Network clubs.


Best Talk

The talk that most struck IT Network members. The most meaningful, structured talk. Selected by voting results at monthly IT Network clubs

Master class of the year

The ability to work with students, to help them acquire new knowledge and skills requires special abilities. Therefore, the best one will receive an award by voting results from IT Network workshop participants.



Club meetings

Monthly IT Network Club Meetings are a new knowledge and networking for all participants.



The best speakers from Ukraine and Europe share their experience and knowledge with the participants of our events.



We have been conducting major conferences for BA, PO, PM and PdM in Ukraine for 4 years now


Community members

IT Network community brings together IT professionals from Ukraine, the US and Europe.




till 19.09.19
  • BA&PO Talks
  • PM&PdMTalks
  • Architectural Talks
  • + awesome Networking
  • + Bonuses and impressions ;)

Talks + Workshops

till 19.09.19
  • BA&PO Talks
  • PM&PdMTalks
  • Architectural Talks
  • Workshops
  • + awesome Networking
  • +Bonuses and impressions ;)
*There are constant discounts on the cost when purchasing multiple tickets in one order. 3 tickets - 5% discount. From 5 to 9 tickets - 7% discount. 10+ tickets - 10% discount.
**For juridical entities, when purchasing a non-cash payment, the tocket price is increased by 20%.


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